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Coming up in the Innovations Series: ideas for growth strategies from a leader in digital marketing Tim Doyle

Union leaders and staff interested in the potential of digital marketing as part of their organising plans should register for the webinar on 2 July 2020 featuring Tim Doyle. Before founding his new venture Eucalyptus in the field of telehealth, Tim was the Head of Marketing at Koala – a mattress brand that he helped build from zero to over $100 million revenue in three years with creative marketing strategies.  

How did a staid business with long established players like the mattress industry suddenly get disrupted by an innovative new player like Koala that unlocked new potential for growth?  There may be lessons for long established unions looking to gain traction in greenfield areas.Tim, who cut his teeth on political campaigns including the 2016 Fed election at Labor headquarters, is a master of customer acquisition and retention.While businesses evaluate their Customer Acquisition Cost, unions understand that the costs of their organising outlay limits their ability to grow and retain members. Tim’s experiences could help unions consider what lessons can be learnt on how creating membership offers and focusing on the quality of the membership experience, can deliver value to members and allow unions to scale and reach new unorganised areas. Where union density has been low, his presentation will draw on examples from his experience in the business world on how unions can gain traction through platforms that can scale faster.

Tim’s expertise lies in creating brands in much less time and with fewer overheads than long established brands. At Eucalyptus, they do this using technology to create differentiated offers in healthcare. Using the same in-house infrastructure and team, they allocate resources between different brands and reduce the cost of scaling up their customer acquisition.  With multiple brands serviced by the same in-house team and shared infrastructure, this is akin to what some Unions such as MEAA and Professionals Australia have done to provide the benefits of union coverage to new groups of underserved workers.

Previous webinars in our series have explored the ‘digital first’ member offer of Musicians Australia and organising success with Professional Pharmacists Australia, which brought together organising strategy aimed at workers who could not access unions and technology platforms that allow union to scale. Tim Doyle will delve into growth marketing that unions can use to build more effective campaigns and add to leads and members.

Tim Doyle will deliver his presentation with live Q&A as part of the Innovations Series on Thursday 2 July, 3pm – 4:30pm. Register for this and other sessions here.