Innovation Series Block 2

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Why should I join your union? Understanding the value of unionism.

 Thursday, July 9, 2020: 3 pm - 4.30 pm AEST

Presenters include: Dr Kristy Jones, Behavioural Economist, Head of ACTU Behavioural Insights Unit (ABIU), Anna Ostrowski – Behavioural Economist, ABIU and Hannah Turner Project Officer (Behavioural Specialist), ABIU

In this webinar, the ACTU Behavioural Insights Unit (ABIU) will run through a new model of union utility. The model ‘formalises’ the key types of benefits unions offer potential members – whether they be material, social or intrinsic. We will then outline how the model can be used to help unions better understand the value they offer potential members, and how an understanding of this value can be used to develop a value proposition with insights about members to craft efficient and effective onboarding and member journeys.

Finding efficiencies and managing change to improve governance and processes.

Thursday, July 16, 2020: 3 pm - 4.30 pm AEST

Presenters include Raff del Vecchio, Assistant Secretary of the Police Association of NSW and a Director and Deputy Chair of Police Bank, Gerard Hayes, Secretary, Health Services Union NSW/Qld/ACT

As unions are face increasing administrative and compliance costs, some unions have actively sought to improve and professionalise the management of their finances and governance.  Unions collect large sums of money from different sources, own and invest in property, maintain complex business relationships with suppliers, hire employees and pay taxes, and like publicly traded businesses, trade unions also have a duty to disclose certain financial details to their members and report. Unions need to demonstrate not only to their members, but to the public as well, that they are competent stewards.  This presentation will share some experiences with review and reform in this area to share hands-on advice on what has been learned from the presenter’s experience in organisations such as the Police Association of NSW and the Police Bank.

An introduction to project management for unions

Thursday, July 23, 2020: 3 pm - 4.30 pm AEST

Presenters include: Paul Doughty, Manager, Growth and Innovation, ACTU

The ability to successfully move a project from “idea” to “launch” is critical for unions seeking to create new capabilities or run complex campaigns, particularly when there are changing and competing demands. This online workshop will cover some principles of project management and apply them to a union context, illustrated by some examples and a glimpse at project management tools.

Digital & remote tools to help organisers – case studies

Thursday, July 30, 2020: 3 pm - 4.30 pm AEST

Presenters include: Richard Bailey, Comms and Campaigns Organiser, National Tertiary Education Union, NTEU  - NSW

A small panel of organisers will describe recent experiences and what they’ve learned in using digital tools such as peer to peer SMS.  At one of their campus branches the NTEU trialled peer to peer SMS to engage members and non-members who had signed an online petition.  They drew useful lessons about how this technology can work for unions.